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Chainsaw Man Manga, Chapter 98

Chainsaw man manga Chapter 98

65 thoughts on “Chainsaw Man Manga, Chapter 98”

  1. Awesome manga, finished it in like 3 days. Thank you very much to the people who made this site. I did not once have to close out a tab because an ad took me there.

  2. Loved it, Great Manga for sure. I haven’t felt this excited in reading a manga since Berserk cant wait for the next part. and thanks to the team for working on uploading the chapters to this website

  3. Someone who enjoyed this

    Y’know what, I enjoyed this, it was fun..
    Nothing quite like it, maybe there will be more, maybe there won’t.
    I must say, it was one of the best things to ever have entered my life, you don’t get quality content like this everyday after all.

  4. Well I was a slow reader but this was so good! The gore,cliffhangers,the characters were all good I really hope there is a part 2 or smthng. And STAN DENJI AND POCHITA!! (I will miss power and aki)

  5. i might not be able to comeback but it was a fun and good time, this is a great serie ill be back here by a month or something, probably never again till i get reminded

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