Chainsaw Man Manga, Chapter 98

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    1. 08

      Hey thanks for the translations it was a fun ride!

    2. 02882

      Ive been seeing your comments since chapter 1 and this is the most satisfying web that I found and comedy in the comment section is gold you made me happy.

      1. Bob

        So is he ever going to go find blood devil and get power back orrrrrrrr

        1. Yasssss

          Ah I’m still not over Aki’s death… And power can be brought back which is a relief and also makima is an asshole

  1. Unknown

    what is the release date of the chapter 98?

    1. Sagar

      There is no news or any information about chapter 98

      1. Zerotwo x makima

        Fuck you makima i hate you

        1. ZephyrSans

          Your name says otherwise

          1. Zerotwo x makima

            Yeah lol

        2. Geo

          She is still hot af I would have gone to the trip and take my one wish, if you know what I mean nah I’m jk I like power more

          1. Zerotwo x makima

            Yeah me too

        3. ARCEUS

          I loved that,the feeling’s mutual

        4. mistyiiii


      2. Adlene

        Yeah i guess its the new part thts coming soon i really hope it comes in 2022 not in 2023

    2. Wes

      it said around winter of 2021

    3. Somebody

      I don’t think there will be a 97

      1. Somebody


      2. Oh no


  2. Syndrome

    what the fuck did i just read

    1. broski

      everybody is asking the same question brother lmao

    2. simplys0ber

      my question exactly

    3. ZephyrSans

      Dont worry fam we in the same situation here

  3. Roman Gonzalez

    Awesome manga, finished it in like 3 days. Thank you very much to the people who made this site. I did not once have to close out a tab because an ad took me there.

  4. Guts from Berserk

    Loved it, Great Manga for sure. I haven’t felt this excited in reading a manga since Berserk cant wait for the next part. and thanks to the team for working on uploading the chapters to this website

    1. Random 14 years old

      I just finish in 3 hours lol

      1. ewl

        Do u even remember their names beside Denji, Power, Makima and Aki?

  5. Hope

    What a ride, first manga I’ve read, anyone have some recommendations?

    1. Doge4

      pretty much anything except redo of healer


      Ajin the villain in that story is gotta be one of the best in manga

    3. Voided18

      Solo leveling pretty long but a realllly good manga

    4. Somebody

      One punch man

    5. TonyStark

      Fire punch! It’s really good.

    6. Tweetums

      If you’re looking for something similar to this look into Jujutsu Kaisen


    Shit’s still going can’t wait

  7. Ken

    Im dead inside

  8. Someone who enjoyed this

    Y’know what, I enjoyed this, it was fun..
    Nothing quite like it, maybe there will be more, maybe there won’t.
    I must say, it was one of the best things to ever have entered my life, you don’t get quality content like this everyday after all.

    1. Riri

      I just wanted to say this is the first ever Monga I’ve ever finished and to be honest I really love it it has so much drama in detail and a lot of moments that can make you feel sad or happy most of the time I was crying because they never found power but I guess in another life

  9. tay thorpe

    Binged this for 5 hours…in all myvlife i havet rrad something like this…truy a masterpiece

  10. Chandler

    Incredible. Now time to save up so I can buy it…

  11. Thanks

    Well I was a slow reader but this was so good! The gore,cliffhangers,the characters were all good I really hope there is a part 2 or smthng. And STAN DENJI AND POCHITA!! (I will miss power and aki)

  12. urmom

    well that was a fucking roller coaster

  13. urmom

    well that was a fuckin roller coaster

  14. lae

    i might not be able to comeback but it was a fun and good time, this is a great serie ill be back here by a month or something, probably never again till i get reminded

  15. Funimatrixx

    I’m kinda depressed about everyone dying, but other than that it’s okay

  16. StaleBread

    This was an AMAZING manga,really hope Denji brings back Power.

  17. Oku Kuzumi

    I want power so bad

  18. Fable

    I went through all 5 stages of grief and more from this manga

  19. Joebert

    Bring back POWER !!!!

  20. Joebert

    Bring back POWER we miss her

  21. Aiden

    What a ride. See you all next month.

  22. gantai

    this was one hell of a ride
    wish for part 2 to have denji going after power and helping her

  23. simplys0ber

    see y’all next chapter!!

  24. Noone

    Was a strange, but good ride guys.

  25. Lemnock

    Finished this in two days and I enjoyed every minute fuck yeah can’t wait for part 2

  26. ..

    Loved every second of this manga

  27. Viceroy

    We love you Chainsaw Man!

  28. The liffil

    Very good story… I rate 10/10 and holy hell that was worth it

  29. Aki

    good manga fuck makima doe

  30. J

    this was actually good i like this alot

  31. Panos

    I personally don’t want but i think that makima will come back to life for revenge or smth

  32. P.E.K.K.A Power!

    Looooooved it. RIP Power! Someone get this man some A$$$

  33. women respecter

    great ending, can’t wait to see how denji fucks this up in part 2!

  34. Jacc


  35. Sflamezz

    Gah damn this was good

  36. Vindication

    Dope read, I wanna see power back so bad tho

  37. Diego

    I have no words just besides makima cute

  38. oslo

    Pochita is best girl
    change my mind

  39. 02882

    Ive been seeing your comments since chapter 1 and this is the most satisfying web that I found and comedy in the comment section is gold you made me happy.

  40. kittu

    depression rn

  41. Missing Power

    I want to see Power

  42. xia

    so this is what i stayed up until 3 am for

  43. Htv2

    what about power??

  44. Gappy

    i like men

  45. Big Nose Guy

    Never forget that pochita canonically solved anti-semitism

  46. Htv2

    well the way chapter 97 end i dont think there will be another chapter of chainsaw

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