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Chainsaw Man Manga, Chapter 97


You are Reading Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 in English With High Quality. Read and Download Chapter 97 of Chainsaw Man Manga online for Free at Chainsawmanmangaa.com.

50 thoughts on “Chainsaw Man Manga, Chapter 97”

    1. For how bloody and over the top this whole manga was… still put a very positive ending that all humans should do that could change the world literally

    1. Never in my life have I specifically gone out of my way to create an account or anything like that just to say one thing on a manga website.

      What the fuck?

  1. finished this for the 4th time. let’s not forget the contract power made with denji. he has to come find her now!! 😀 can’t wait to see part 2

  2. So yeah i love that manga. This is my second manga i readed my first was SOLO LEVELING and that is good too but Chainsaw man have a place in my heart and i realyy like it. I hope there will be second part. So yeah be patient buy POCHITA plushie and bye see ya in second part!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. What frickin journey with all you guys, i wish we meet again at part 2 if there is one. This is my first completed manga cuz yo guys are awesome. Loved the plot twist in every 3s seconds

  4. I love how this manga hasn’t made even the slightest bit of sense since around chapter 80. Maybe it’s just me but all that’s happened since then feels so random and strange

    1. The plot towards the end of the manga depends so much on contracts and minor details of abilities that were set up previously, but not utilized before the ending. There’s also a lot of characters brought back by Makima that the reader might have forgotten about by this point. Unlike the Evangelion anime’s ending, everything in this manga is set up (as opposed to being a part of unexplained lore), but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to follow.

      Hopefully the anime will be easier to follow, if it gets to this point :3

  5. Bro! It made me smile, made me cry, made me laugh, and made me angry. the best one!
    btw: Install a ReCaptcha plugin for stoping these bots.

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